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(There are 63,320,000 Married Couples in the USA and an
​ Estimated 3.5 Billion Married Couples Worldwide)
Why Join The Marriage Celebration Club?
Our Club is designed to enhance and step up the quality of marriages, stop separation or divorce, increase intimacy with a focus on love, fun, knowledge, and love making techniques.  This is the world's most exclusive membership club for married, military and engaged couples featuring fun activities, vow renewals, travel and events. We are also a partner, resource, support and step-up feature for any and all new and old marriage clubs and marriage organizations globally for planned events, shopping and fun. This exciting marriage celebration club features three types of memberships. One membership covers USA only benefits and the VIP membership covers worldwide benefits plus we have an Engagement membership. 
  • sports tournaments with married couples competing with other states or cities to include tennis, horseshoes, soccer, baseball, touch football, and board games(cards, backgammon, chess, checkers, dominoes, scrabble, etc.)
  • dance competitions win trophies and recognition worldwide on TV, radio, and our own marriage magazine and blog
  • fashion shows that would rival Paris shows starring married couples as models
  • crab & seafood feasts for those who love seafood from Maryland or Louisiana
  • husbands barbeques/bull roasts/veggie roasts cooking competition 
  • karaoke singing events to show off your singing talent
  • marriage rejuvenation and vow renewal ceremonies for recommitment and for those who did not have a formal wedding when they first got married and can afford to now
  • contests with amazing prizes to include money to pay off your bills, jewelry that will daze, glaze and amaze, choices of pre-paid leased luxury automobiles or pay off your existing car note, exotic one week vacations and more
  • shopping spree contests worldwide with $10,000 to spend
  • husbands cooking for wives events to find out who's husband cooks the best meal 
  • husband & wife cooking contests to see which couples cook the best meals as a team 
  • lingerie parties featuring men/women nightwear and lounging clothes to stay attractive or romantic looking to each other 

  • real fun cruises with other married couples from all over the world to connect as friends forever
  • ski parties from the mountain ski resorts in the USA or anywhere in the world
  • Caribbean or Hawaii island hopping parties
  • wives pamper me/spoil me parties at the most fabulous resorts and spas in the universe
  • couples fishing tournaments to see who can catch the biggest and/or the most fish or crabs for trophies and other prizes 
  • golf tournaments with couples playing other couples to win locally, national, or internationally for prizes on world class golf courses 
  • masquerade balls several times a year for couples who like to have a lot of fun
  • paint ball games in the woods with married couple teams
  • company sponsored dancing under the stars at night
  • company sponsored picnics in or near your town
  • river boat parties with DJ or live entertainment
  • elite luxury car rentals on our website from sport cars to limousines
  • luxury jet and helicopter private use rentals with crew for your enjoyment
  • private island rentals with butler, maid, cook and more
  • yacht and boat rentals with crew
  • local weekend getaways if you need to be near home on our website
  • timeshare discount purchase plans available
  • car rallies that test you and your mate's skill at driving as a team
  • available diamond ring upgrades thru your local jewelers for your vow renewal or marriage rejuvenation ceremony because you bought a small ring because of a limited budget when you first got married years ago and you want her to have a bigger diamond ring that really shows her that she is special and you will continue to love her the rest of your life

Enjoy suggested quality of life products from our sponsors online and on our Marriage TV Network (coming soon).  We have just added the Marriage Celebration Magazine and Blog so that married couples can communicate with each other online. We are an international marriage club in over 100 countries linking you with fun couples and experiences of married couples in different cultures all over the world through our new magazine and blog. If you want to spice up your marriage with love and fun while getting closer to each other, hurry up and join this exciting club now.  

Marriage​ Celebration Club

International and Multicultural Club Members

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"Where The Honeymoon Never Ends"

  • club sponsored dance parties that will feature at different locations your favorite memory lane music and dance for ballroom, rock & roll, soul, Latino, blues, country, jazz, hip-hop and reggae 
  • theme park married couples only parties 
  • concert tickets to live performances as well as sporting events anywhere in the world found on our affiliate https://www.ticketmaster.com/  page on our club website
  • jazz/blues/soul events with old school dress up party 
  • white dress up party hosted by married celebrities
  • formal black tie events to give awards and honors to deserving married couples, or professionals who really worked hard to save marriages
  • charity balls to raise funds for a deserving organization or persons who helped save marriages
  • marriage standard and spiritual counseling phone numbers or locations with marriage professionals or clergy of all religions near you in your hometown.
  • marriage prayers with a phone number or locations where a marriage can be prayed for by a spiritual leader of your faith for healing, blessings or thanks to your God 
  • visits to marriage events at churches, mosques, synagogues, and temples worldwide
  • ​local and international marriage preaching/teaching events, spiritual related festivals, plays, shows, gospel concerts, and entertainment competition events worldwide.  

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Attention Non Alcoholic Drinkers:
You Can Purchase Non Alcoholic Cocktails by Saying Make My Drink A Virgin or Request Fruit Juices or Sodas When Out Eating or Celebrating With Those Who Drink Alcohol.
Do Not Violate Your Principles

Bonus Club Activities/Events
As a Marriage Celebration Club member you will have access to over 8,000 exciting affiliate  marriage events in the USA plus over 3 million other types of events in 180 countries worldwide. 

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